Daily Archives: June 15, 2009

News Faker of the Year

Cap Reborn #1 Quesada variantThe Cap is out of the bag, finally, as it was revealed — both by some mainstream media outlets and Marvel’s PR department — that Captain America (the “real” one, Steve Rogers) is going to return. The “Reborn” title we’ve been hearing about is actually Captain America Reborn, and it’s set to begin July 1. The New York Daily News ran a piece on it, as did CNN. Marvel’s handling of the solicitations for both Reborn #1 and this week’s Captain America #600 raised the ire of many retailers, and understandably so, as stores weren’t given as much information as necessary to facilitate advance ordering.

In the wake of Monday’s reporting of the Cap resurrection story in the mainstream media, retailers have expressed further frustration. Brian Hibbs, owner of San Francisco’s Comix Experience, laments that some news coverage seems to make no mention of Cap #600, in which the resurrection/revival story gets underway. Consequently, he says, the demand for the special issue doesn’t seem as strong as it could be.

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