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Quick Critiques – July 26, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #600 (Marvel Comics)
by various creators

I don’t follow this series closely, but I figured five bucks for this much original material was a solid value. I was right. Some of the stories — especially the main Spidey vs. Doc Ock feature — are merely standard super-hero fare. While they try to do something new with the characters (again, especially with Doc Ock), what we really get are rehashes of super-hero genre conventions (though they’re competent rehashes nonetheless).

But there are some hidden gems in this comic book. May and JJJ Sr.’s wedding is sweet and touching and funny, for example. The real star of the book is Mark Waid’s story about Peter’s relationship with his Uncle Ben. Yes, it’s predictable, but it’s incredibly heartfelt; it’ll tug at yer heart-strings, I tells ya. Colleen Doran also provides some realistic art, devoid of super-hero style, which suits the tone of the down-to-earth script.

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