Daily Archives: August 3, 2009

In the Time of Nick

Incarnate #1
“Chapter 1: Little Boy Death”
Writer: Nick Simmons
Pencils: Nick Simmons
Inks: Matt Dalton
Assistant artists: Nam Kim, Ben Harvey & Shi Hua Wang
Colors: Brian Buccellato
Letters: Rob Steen
Cover artist: Jo Chen
Editor: Tim Beedle
Publisher: Radical Publishing
Price: $4.99 US

After reading this comic book, one thing became abundantly clear to me: while many have been watching Nick Simmons on his father’s reality-TV show on A&E, he’s been watching anime. And a lot of it, given the influence of Japanese animation that’s painfully apparent in his writing and artwork for this new comic book. Simmons boasts an angular style that grants the various characters an otherworldly intensity that’s definitely in keeping with an anime approach to storytelling, and other fans of anime and manga horror will likely enjoy what they’ll find in this comic.

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