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I Gotta Go to the Johns

Variant coverAdventure Comics #1/Adventure Comics #504
“Superboy, The Boy of Steel, Part One” and “Long Live the Legion”
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Francis Manapul & Clayton Henry
Colors: Brian Buccellato & Brian Reber
Letters: Steve Wands & Sal Ciprinao
Cover artist: Francis Manapul
Editor: Elisabeth V. Gehrlein
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99 US

Ever since the character debuted in 1993, I’ve never been terribly enamored of the new Superboy. I always found him to be rather obnoxious, but some talent creators have told stories using him over the years as well. He’s been the center of some contrived plots in recent years, not the least of which was his recent anti-climactic resurrection in the pages of Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. Here, writer Geoff Johns takes a two-pronged to the character. On the one hand, he’s crafting a coming-of-age story; he may be a super-hero, but Superboy’s also a teenager, and as such, he’s struggling like other teens to figure out who he is. Secondly, Johns is also clearly trying to tell a new story in an old tradition, as he mirrors Silver Age Superboy stories while also modernizing them. He’s also established a strong link between the main Superboy feature and the Legion of Super-Heroes backup story. While the Legion piece isn’t the most accessible of plots, Johns does hold out the promise of payoff of a super-hero mystery plot that’s been hinted at in DC titles for a couple of years.

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War Story

A frequent topic of discussion at the local comic shop and online among comics fans has been whether or not DC Comics plans to collect the strips from Wednesday Comics and what possible shape such a collection or collections might take, given the oversized, broadsheet format of the episodic incarnation of the title. That led Eye on Comics to snoop around the Internet for a possible clue. A good source for future collected editions of DC products is Amazon.com, which lists expected trade-paperback and hardcover releases from DC and other comics publishers months ahead of their appearances in the industry catalog, Previews.

I didn’t find any information about Wednesday Comics collections, but something else involving one of the Wednesday contributors caught my eye.

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