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Quick Critiques – Aug. 14, 2009

Variant coverBlackest Night #2 (DC Comics)
by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert & Julio Ferreira

One of my favorite super-hero stories is Crisis on Infinite Earths, and when I read a genre event book, that’s generally the one by which I judge all others. While I enjoyed Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis and the challenging nature of the plotting, it tended to focus on a core group of characters. Blackest Night, while simpler in plot and scope than Final Crisis, is hitting similar chords as CoIE in that writer Geoff Johns is digging up (literally in most cases) an interesting array of obscure characters to play roles in his cosmic drama. Johns has incorporated a lot of continuity references into his script (events from CoIE being among them), but overall, he provides enough background (or suggests it) to maintain a fairly accessible tone. While he doesn’t advance his plot all that much in this issue, he does offer some deliciously creepy moments featuring undead heroes, not only when they explode into a scene but as they lurk in the shadows, waiting to spring a trap on former friends and loved ones. Johns begins to hint as some rules for the Black Lanterns, and I’m intrigued and eager to learn more about the premise.

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