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Feeling Jaded

Agents of Atlas #970th Ann. Fram VariantAgents of Atlas #s 9-11
“Terror of the Jade Claw” Parts 1-3
Writer: Jeff Parker
Artists: Dan Panosian, Gabriel Hardman & Paul Rivoche
Colors: Elizabeth Dismang & Sotocolor
Letters: Tom Orzechowski
Cover artists: Leinil Yu/Dave Johnson/Adi Granov
Editor: Nathan Cosby
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $2.99 US per issue

This story arc may well be the best of this series thus far. Sure, the original Agents of Atlas limited series that spawned this ongoing was stronger, but “Terror of the Jade Claw” has made the most of the Atlas Foundation concept and it’s been handled more clearly in this arc than ever before. Maybe what’s really allowed this story arc to shine, though, is the fact that it’s not hindered by connections to other Marvel continuity. There’s no “Dark Reign” branding. There are no Avengers, no Atlantean cousins, no Hulks. Parker simply focuses on telling an Agents of Atlas story instead of a Marvel Universe story, and it allows the true strength of the premise and the color inherent in these characters to really come out.

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Rising from the Grave

Blackest Night promo imageDC super-heroes aren’t the only ones coming back from the dead these days. Yes, Eye on Comics has managed to claw and crawl out of the digital grave into which it disappeared over the past couple of weeks (thanks to a site hack and worm that messed things up royally). Thanks to a good friend with a much greater degree of technology expertise than myself, the site was resurrected. And then it died. It rose from the ashes again, only to succumb and die again. I’m continuing to struggle with problems, but it seems though there’s light at the end of that particularly problem-plagued tunnel.

While the site was down, there was a period of time when it seemed as though it might have been a lost cause. I considered that Eye on Comics may have reached an end (fittingly, just as it approached its third anniversary on Sept. 19). I pondered some questions. Did I want to relaunch with a new site? Join another? Or perhaps just call it quits when it comes to reviewing comics?

My frustrations with the outages and my elation at its various revivals provided me with the answers to those questions. I enjoy writing about comics, and I feel invested in the Eye on Comics brand I’ve developed over the past three years. I thank all my readers (vocal or otherwise) who check out my reviews, commentary and features, and I truly appreciate that audience. I hope you’ll all be patient with me over the next few days (or weeks, we’ll see) as I continue to contend with site problems, but rest assured, my plan is to keep my Eye out.

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