Daily Archives: October 7, 2009

3 Geeks v. Geeks Galore

3 Geeks, copyright Rich KoslowskiWhen it comes to stories about comic-book copyright infringement, one usually imagines Marvel Entertainment or DC Comics cracking down on unauthorized use of iconic super-hero characters. But in a Toronto court recently, an independent comics creator and self-publisher took on another small businessman. The 3 Geeks creator Rich Koslowski has won a summary-judgment motion in Canadian federal court, upholding his 3 Geeks copyright. The case arises from an Ontario computer-consultation business and its use of a 3 Geeks image, created by Koslowski, promotional materials.

Koslowski filed a legal action against Hogan Scott Courrier, the owner and operator of Geeks Galore Computer Center in Marmora, Ont., in September 2008, alleging that Courrier “displayed the Infringing Image as depicted at para. 9 of the Plaintiff’s affidavit on the Defendant’s internet homepage, other websites, invoices, business cards, and shirts worn by sales staff” at least since 2006, federal court Judge Michael Kelen wrote in his Sept. 9 decision on the motion.

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