Daily Archives: October 29, 2009

A Day of Night

This was a pretty big week for DC’s Blackest Night, with not only a new issue of the event series itself shipping, but a tie-in issue of Green Lantern and the conclusion of the spinoff Blackest Night: Titans series. Now, two of the three are definitely integral to the larger plot, but the Titans tie-in may also prove to be of importance to the event as a whole.

What I found most interesting about these comics was how the core plot of the series is unfolding in only one of them, and it’s not the core Blackest Night eight-part series. Now, the story itself seems to have shifted from the main title over into Green Lantern, which is appropriate, since the crossover story is, at its heart, a GL tale. Meanwhile, the larger-than-life action seems to be relegated to the event title. Overall, these Blackest Night comics are proving to be fun diversions, though like many event-driven comics, they suffer from accessibility problems.

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