Daily Archives: November 13, 2009

Dead Heads

As Diamond’s sales figures for October attest, DC’s Blackest Night brand is proving to be a major marketing and sales success story for the Time-Warner comics publisher. While some of the BN comics published up ’til now evoked some lukewarm responses from yours truly, overall, I’m genuinely enjoying the event, the simplicity of the concept and the structure of the conflicts among and co-operation of various Lanterns of Many Colors.

This month, however, marks a shift in DC’s approach to the event in that it’s spreading out beyond dedicated limited series to intrude on various ongoing super-hero titles. In another sharp marketing move, DC has helped comics retailers to move these tie-ins with plastic ring giveaways (I love me my rings, I must admit), but is that reason enough to buy these comics? The first of these tie-ins — last week’s Doom Patrol #4 — didn’t quite work. With this post, Eye on Comics examines the next two tie-ins in this month’s series of seven: Booster Gold #26 and R.E.B.E.L.S. #10.

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