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Quick Critiques – Nov. 23, 2009

Variant coverAmazing Spider-Man #612 (Marvel Comics)
by Mark Waid & Paul Azaceta/Joe Kelly & J.M. Ken Nimura

While I don’t follow this title faithfully, I do have to give Marvel credit for its novel publishing approach for the series as of late. With rotating creative teams for each story arc, it allows casual readers such as myself to cherrypick which issues we want to read; in other words, I get to follow creators instead of the creation. The main story is the handiwork of two creators I like to follow: Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta. They’re already proven that they work well together (see Boom! Studios’ Potter’s Field), and I love the noir tone they establish in the opening scene. The story takes an unexpected turn after that, as Waid taps into American frustrations over corporate bailouts to transform a classic Spidey villain into something of a hero of the people. It’s a weird, unexpected development, but I have to admit that I enjoyed the incorporation of a highly topical element into this super-hero plot. Azaceta’s work here reminds me of the loose, moody linework that Tommy Lee Edwards contributed to the unusual but entertaining Marvel 1985 limited series penned by Mark Millar and published last year.

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