Daily Archives: December 13, 2009

O, My Scars and Garters

The Story of O hardcover graphic novel
Writer: Pauline Reage
Artist/Adaptation: Guido Crepax
Publisher: NBM Publishing/Eurotica imprint
Price: $24.95 US

NBM Publishing sent along this attractive hardcover reprint of artist Guido Crepax’s adaptation of a classic piece of erotic literature for review, and since I’d heard of The Story of O but had never read it, I was more than happy to take a look. And after all, I’m a guy, and men in general aren’t exactly known for their aversion to pornography. And make no mistake… this comics adaptation of the well-known 1950s French erotica is porn. Almost every individual scene is titillating and will no doubt give way to arousal in many readers. On that level, the Italian comics artist succeeds with this tribute. However, when it comes to actual storytelling, his take on The Story of O is disappointing. There’s no sense of flow from one scene to another, and at times, from one panel to another. The eroticism of the book is hindered by confusion. Of course, I have to admit that another reason the book didn’t win me over is because I found the characters’ behavior off-putting. Don’t get me wrong… I love sex, but after reading this book, it’s clear to me that sadism and masochism aren’t for me. I found O’s complete submission and supposed love for a man who puts her through difficult ordeals to be too extreme. (Warning: NSFW)

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