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More 2009 Glass Eye Awards – Creators

OK, we’ve doled out the Glass Eyes for the best comics and original graphic novel of 2009 (click here to see those awards), so now it’s time to turn our attention to the people who craft those works. We only have another four more Glass Eyes to award, to the best writer, artist, colorist and cover artist of the year.

Caveat time: Readers should bear in mind these picks are just personal preferences. There’s no way for one person to read all the industry has to offer in a given year, even if writing about comics is one’s job (which it ain’t in this case). Furthermore, these choices are based in part on what I remember as the strongest work of the past year, and my memory isn’t perfect. Finally, some may notice a bit of disconnect between the picks for the best creators and the works mentioned in the first part of the 2009 Glass Eye Awards. That’s because the picks for the top creators are based somewhat on creators who offered consistently good work through the year.

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2009 Glass Eye Awards – Comics

Welcome to our coverage of the Glass Eye Awards, celebrating the best in comics from 2009 (or, at least the best ones I’d read and enjoyed over the course of the year, as far as my limited memory serves, so your mileage may vary). Oh, look who’s coming down the red carpet to attend the award ceremony! It’s Mickey Mouse, proud new owner of Marvel Comics. Mickey, who are you wearing? North Face? Makes sense… the sky’s dumping a couple of feet of snow on us at the moment.

Oh, it seems the awards are about to begin, so we’d best take our seats. In this first part of the 2009 Glass Eye Awards, we’ll look at the best comics and original graphic novels of the year. The second part, which is forthcoming, will look at the comics professionals who had the best year, from the standpoint of consistent creative success as opposed to sales success.

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