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Quick Critiques – Jan. 8, 2010

Variant coverBlackest Night #6 (DC Comics)
by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert & Joe Prado

This stands out as the strongest issue of the series thus far, and the reason is that it’s the most fun issue of the series to date. The assembly of the leaders of the various color corps is fun enough as it is, but by the end of the issue, Johns introduces us to new members of each of the various corps. It’s the sort of concept we’ve been waiting for ever since Johns first dabbled in the notion of Lanterns of Many Colors. I was also pleased that while this event is, at its core, a Green Lantern story, Johns still makes plenty of room for the diverse array of colorful characters of the DC Universe. The only problem with his script is the Atom/Mera/Jean Loring scene. That scene first got underway in a Blackest Night tie-in comic (Adventure Comics #5), and picking up on that thread here is bound to confuse those who didn’t peruse that tangential comic. Furthermore, I really don’t see how that subatomic trip into a Black Lantern ring added much to the story in the first place.

Ivan Reis offers up some strong designs throughout this issue. The Black Lantern looks for some of the more iconic DC heroes are quite striking, especially those for Wonder Woman and Green Arrow, as are those for the new lanterns that arise at the end of the issue. I also enjoyed how Reis shifts the Atom from his classic, Silver Age look to something more akin to his barbarian mode from the 1980s. The action also unfolds nicely; the art conveys the hectic and urgent quality of the plot but it’s never confusing either. Colorist Alex Sinclair also maintains a nice balance between the dark tone inherent in the undead antagonists and the colorful energy of the various lanterns. 8/10

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