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Curses! or DC Cleans Up Gotham

Today on The Source, DC’s super-hero line “news” blog, the above image was posted as part of a piece teasing the upcoming series of Bruce Wayne – The Road Home one-shots. Given the fact that Batman and the new Robin are in silhouette in the foreground, I assume this is an image from Bruce Wayne – The Road Home: Batman and Robin, by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Cliff Richards.

The giant letters being consumed in the explosion bring a question to mind: fuck who?

Did the artist slip this in as an act of rebellion? Did the writer direct him to do so? Is there actually a reason for the giant expletive in the context of the plot? Did the artist just stub his toe as he was about to work on this page? And most importantly, is an editor in on the gag, or did it slip by in the proofing process? I’ll be honest… I’m curious enough to find out next week.

Oct. 13 update: Well, the comic in question has been released, and apparently, someone at DC finally noticed the exploding expletive…

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