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Quick Critiques – Oct. 25, 2010

Variant coverGreen Lantern Corps #53 (DC Comics)
by Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham & Batt

I have to give Tony Bedard credit here for crafting a great new Green Lantern villain and using existing elements and continuity as the foundation for him. The Weaponer has a great gimmick and a great motivation. The Weaponers of Qward have essentially served as little more than cosmic henchmen, never posing a real threat to DC’s heroes over the years. Transforming one of them into an unstoppable force works very well. Furthermore, Bedard’s script is quite accessible. Even if one hadn’t heard of the Weaponers before, one wouldn’t have any trouble following this story. Everything the reader needs to appreciate the plot is to be found in the script. I still find Kyle Rayner to be the least interesting of the Green Lanterns. He seems wholly defined by his romantic relationships these days, and his personality pales in comparison to what we see in such characters as Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner. Still, he works well in the context of this story, though really, almost any GL could’ve stood in in his place in this plot (though he definitely has more vested in the outcome).

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