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Halloweek – Abattoir #1

Abattoir #1
Writers: Rob Levin & Troy Peteri
Artist: Bing Cansino
Colors: Andrei Pervukhin
Letters: Troy Peteri
Cover artist: Tae Young Choi
Editor: Renae Geerlings
Publisher: Radical Publishing
Price: $3.99 US

As we continue our eerie journey this week to All Hallows Eve, I turn my attention from a horror comic of the past to a brand new instance of gore galore put to paper. Radical Publishing timed the release of this new title well, no doubt to intentionally coincide with the leadup to Halloween. The title of this new six-issue limited series alone ought to garner some attention given the approaching holiday, as I would imagine some people are in a horror frame of mind at the end of October. As I read this issue, I was struck by the gratuitous nature of the opening. I thought I was in for a disappointment, but once the real plot got underway, a different kind of horror story began to unfold. The premise is a solid one, and by the end of the issue, I was genuinely engrossed in the story of a down-on-his-luck realtor and the chilling conflict with which he was suddenly faced. While the art, rendered in a pseudo-painted style that’s been typical of many Radical titles so far, didn’t grab me, I nevertheless found this to be one of the burgeoning publisher’s best efforts so far, if not the best.

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