Daily Archives: November 7, 2010

Bright Fights, Big City

Superman: Earth One original hardcover graphic novel
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Pencils: Shane Davis
Inks: Sandra Hope
Colors: Barbara Ciardo
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover artists: Davis & Hope
Editors: Eddie Berganza & Adam Schlagman
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $19.99 US/$23.99 CAN

I’m back from a much-needed week’s vacation, and while I was away, I brought some graphic novels to read to pass what little down time I had. Superman: Earth One was among them. Despite what anyone says about this book, J. Michael Straczynski can truthfully say that he succeeded in his effort to something new and novel with the Superman mythos. I was surprised by several of the choices he made through the graphic novel. Sometimes, they were pleasant surprises, others not so much. The best thing the writer does for Superman here is that he ditches the selfless boy scout image that’s been such an integral part of the character for decades. But transforming his alien origins into a murder-mystery plot seems like a major misstep. Furthermore, while the creators do deliver a self-contained story in this graphic novel, there are enough plot threads to make it seem as though the next episode is right around the corner, and we don’t even know for sure if there will be a followup.

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