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Quick Critiques – Dec. 20, 2010

Avengers Academy #7 (Marvel Comics)
by Christos Gage, tom Raney, Dave Meikis & Scott Hanna

Whoops! Someone forgot to tell the production artist/editor who assembled the page one recap/credits page that Tom Raney was filling in as the penciller for this issue (Mike McKone, the regular penciller on the series, is credited instead), though it’s listed right on the cover. Raney’s a talented super-hero genre penciller, and he does well with these characters and especially with the larger scope of the plot. He handles the cosmic elements, from the theoretical form of the original Wasp to the trick Giant-Man pulls to defeat the villain. I especially enjoyed the bright colors. Though there’s a melancholy tone in several scenes, colorists Jeromy Cox and Andrew Crossley keep things feeling fun and light.

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