Daily Archives: February 8, 2011

Fearful Symmetry

Marvel Comics announced a couple of months ago its next big crossover event would be Fear Itself, a brand-wide storyline/theme about which the publisher and its representatives have been rather tight-lipped. It’s been ramping up an in-house and online marketing campaign that’s all about fostering (a) a sense that even the most powerful of the Marvel heroes will be facing a deadly threat, and (b) that the threat in question is a dark, mysterious one.

Personally, I’m not all that enticed by the air of mystery. I find the vague qualities of Marvel’s promotional efforts to be off-putting rather than intriguing. Of course, the involvement of writer Matt Fraction and artist Stuart Immonen in the creation of the core crossover series might be enough to draw me in; time will tell.

As for those comics readers who are chomping at the bit to delve into Fear Itself, I’m here to tell them they needn’t wait until April, when the limited series is scheduled to get underway. There’s a Fear Itself comic book being released this very week.

Mind you, it’s not a comic book published by Marvel.

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