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The Best Years of Your Strife

Vertigo Resurrected: Finals #1
Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist/Cover artist: Jill Thompson
Colors: Rick Taylor
Letters: Rick Parker
Editor: Joan Hilty
Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo imprint
Price: $7.99 US

I have to admit that my overachieving days came to an end when I finished high school. The sort of unabashed ambition and academic aggression that are such integral parts of the story in finals certainly wasn’t reflective of my post-secondary experience, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the comedy, satire and symbolism that make up this noteworthy project. Originally released 12 years ago, Finals was something of a mid-range Vertigo limited series that got a lot of praise, and I’m kicking myself now for missing out on it the first time around. A few years after the original release of this book, Will Pfeifer carved out a career as a go-to writer for DC’s super-hero line, the high point of which was the underrated H.E.R.O. and the low point of which was the much-maligned Amazons Attack event book. If that’s all one knew of Pfeifer’s work, he wouldn’t make much of an impression. Now that I’ve read Finals, though, I’ve had a glimpse of the inventiveness and extremism of which he’s capable. I hope the revival of this obscure, avant-garde book offers the writer a chance to bring us something just as zany and challenging in the near future.

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