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Corporate Intrigue

Variant coverBatman Incorporated #4
“The Kane Affair”
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Chris Burnham
Colors: Nathan Fairbairn
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Cover artists: J.H. Williams III/Yanick Paquette (variant)
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99 US

I have to be honest — I found the previous issue of this series to be completely confusing. Colorful, yes, and entertaining, but confusing. Furthermore, I found Morrison’s approach to this new series (and premise) was turning formulaic in a hurry. Fortunately, this fourth issue shatters that perception, as Morrison explores much more than the notion of crimefighting as a corporate concern. He also explores the rich and weird history and continuity that this character and publisher has to offer. It’s not at all clear where Morrison is headed with this bizarre story of conspiracy and heroism, but with this issue, I discovered I was enjoying the challenge, just as I did during Morrison’s greatest Batman story, “The Black Glove.” And if that weren’t enough of a treat for readers, DC introduces a wider readership to an impressive, new talent in comic art, one who will no doubt become one of the most lauded and sought-after illustrators in the industry in short order.

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