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Quick Critiques – April 7, 2011

VariantVariantFear Itself #1 (Marvel Comics)
by Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen & Wade von Grawbadger

I have to admit… this comic book started off on quite a strong note. While avoiding overt references to the Ground Zero Mosque issue (and 9/11, Islam and other controversial real-world topics), Matt Fraction opens this event book with a compelling scene about the state of America at the moment, the division, the anger and the fragility of it all. He also builds upon the economic, corporate and social themes of he’s already explored in The Invincible Iron Man. But that stuff quickly takes a back seat to a story of cosmic revenge and a squabble between a father and son that lacks any kind of context for the non-Thor reader. Hey, I like the notion of more magic Asgardian hammers coming to Earth and a race among superhumans to either possess the power or keep it out of the hands of others. But as I made my way through this comic book, I kept asking myself a few questions: “What’s the point? Why should I care? Why is Marvel building another event book around Asgard?” (see Siege).

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