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Quick Critiques – May 23, 2011

Booster Gold #44 (DC Comics)
by Dan Jurgens & Norm Rapmund

There are those who’ve said that one of the keys to storytelling in a shared super-hero universe is accessibility, and writer/penciller Dan Jurgens has certainly taken that to heart with his script for this Flashpoint-connected story arc. Not only does he offer an accessible introduction to the altered DC Universe in which the event takes place, he even recaps the title character’s history (both his origin and how he came to be the guardian of time). For those of us familiar with these story elements, the script ends up being a little dull, but given that the tie-in to Flashpoint is bound to attract new readers (and that regular readers of the title might not be familiar Flashpoint #1), I think it’s a good move. Aside from Booster’s discovery that time has been altered and that he’s going to have to do without his usual resources to deal with the problem, not much really happens here. It’s all set-up, but given how much there is to set up, I can understand that.

As the credits note, Jurgens created Booster Gold, so it’s a pleasure to see him return to the character, which is probably at its zenith of popularity these days (and with recent appearances in two TV shows to boot). Jurgens does a solid job of portraying Booster as a well-meaning average guy who’s perpetually in over his head. Despite his future-laden, sci-fi origin, he’s a fairly relatable character. Jurgens’ crisp, clean super-hero artwork is a lot of fun, but to be honest, the more grim nature of the world of Flashpoint really calls for a slightly darker tone. Jurgens doesn’t really convey the pall that looms over the world. Jurgens’ style certainly conveys a strong sense of place; there’s plenty of detail in the backgrounds. 6/10

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