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Quick Critiques – May 30, 2011

FF #4 (Marvel Comics)
by Jonathan Hickman & Barry Kitson

When Marvel announced this new direction for its Fantastic Four characters, I was quite interested, even a little excited — not because the publisher was “killing off” the Human Torch, but rather than the new Future Foundation — with a larger lineup of characters and new designs — seemed like something fresh for a concept that’s basically gone unchanged for five decades. Writer Jonathan Hickman has brought some fun ideas to the series, not the least of which is a council of villains looking for ways to stop and/or kill Reed Richards and the inclusion of Spider-Man as part of the team. But after four issues, I’m not interested or excited. The driving force behind the opening story arc seems to be elements from Hickman’s first story arc on Fantastic Four, namely alternate versions of Reed that lack the moral center of the “real” Reed. I wasn’t interested in the Council of Reeds storyline when it was first introduced, and its return here didn’t do much for me either.

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