Daily Archives: May 31, 2011

Everything Old Is Screwed Again

Reaction to DC’s announcement Tuesday that it’s revamping its entire line of super-hero titles and relaunching with 52 new titles featuring its familiar characters (some perhaps tweaked to be a little less familiar) was met with immediate reactions, and many of them were highly negative, leery or outright hostile.

Some of the thumbs-down comments were understandable. Comics retailers are faced with a major shake-up of one of its top two product lines, a spike in the number of titles and the task of trying to assuage their customers’ concerns so they can hold onto those sales in the months ahead. DC’s announcement will have a direct impact on the livelihoods of the owners of comics shops and those working there, so one can’t begrudge them the valid comments and concerns than have arisen in the hours (and days and weeks to come) since the bomb was dropped.

The more puzzling reactions I’ve read online were those from readers. Many have complained that since DC continuity is getting some sort of a reboot (or at least a partial reboot) in the fall, all of the stories unfolding in DC titles now, in recent weeks, and in the months and years that have passed “don’t matter.” Somehow, a retooling of the DC line, its characters and continuity means those stories didn’t happen, that having read them and invested in the adventures of DC’s heroes and villains was time and money wasted.

Here’s the problem with that argument: those stories never mattered in the first place.

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