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Quick Critiques – June 5, 2011

Variant coverHellboy: The Fury #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
by Mike Mignola & Duncan Fegredo

I must thank writer and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola for dedicating the first two pages of this issue to recapping what’s come before in the various limited series that led up to it. I definitely missed a few of those issues along the way, and even the synopsis of what’s come before is complicated. As the issue progresses, it also becomes clear that this isn’t the climactic storyline of Hellboy’s life since he left the B.P.R.D. The plot here connects with the earliest Hellboy stories from the 1990s, and that grants this crescendo toward the battle a feeling that this is a major turning point in the title character’s life, not just this nomadic mode of his existence. Of course, given the graver, climactic tone that dominates this issue, the more playful, comedic elements that turn up in other Hellboy comics has faded here. For the most part, little actually happens in this issue when it comes to the conflict. Instead, the various players take their places on the stage, and what’s important in this issue is mood rather than plot developments. I also thoroughly enjoyed the mish-mash of mythic references.

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