Daily Archives: June 8, 2011

Thinking Outside the Mail Box

Pretty much as long as there have been comics, they’ve been making their way to some readers through the mail. While direct subscriptions with publishers aren’t as popular as they once were, a lot of readers still get their comics through mail order, especially since businesses selling to such a market have been much more accessible online.

The question arises: what happens when the mail stops? Most of Canada Post Corp.’s unionized workers — including letter carriers — have been in a legal strike position since last week. While the Canadian Union of Postal Workers hasn’t opted to go into a full-on strike mode, it is taking job action in the form of rotating strikes in different cities across the country. CUPW and Canada Post are still in negotiations, but the threat of a nationwide strike by 50,000 postal employees looms.

Eye on Comics checked in with some of Canadian retailers about how an interruption in postal service will affect their businesses.

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