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The New DC, Picks and Pans – Part 2

Before moving onto my thoughts on the second half of DC’s new fall lineup of titles (the first half is discussed here) and what DC did right and wrong with those choices, I first want to discuss briefly what it’s done right and wrong in another respect. Overall, regardless of how one feels about these new comics and the impact this broad publishing initiative might have on the comics marketplace, I think DC is to be commended for how it’s conducted its publicity campaign thus far. Not only has the September relaunch dominated industry news and discussions, but DC has managed to penetrate the mainstream media consciousness with this move. People outside of comics are aware of the relaunch. Furthermore, it’s managed to control the story well and kept a significant number of players from spoiling its secrets. And with DC’s announcement this week it will follow up that PR campaign with national television advertising, the publisher has demonstrated that this is not business as usual. Such dramatic shakeups in any business, let alone the comics publishing industry, are rare, and one has to respect the willingness to take on such an immense professional undertaking.

While I’ve taken issue with some of the choices DC has made in terms of specific titles in this relaunch, there’s been little to criticize as far as the publicity is concerned. There’s really only one aspect with which I take issue, but unfortunately, it’s a significant issue. DC forgot (or so it seems) to do one thing for this initiative, and that’s to identify. DC hasn’t named its baby, and that’s led to some possible misinformation and misrepresentation. Newsarama and Comics Beat have taken to calling the initiative “DCNu,” a play on “DCU” (short for “DC Universe”). Others keep referring to the relaunch or reboot, and DC officials have maintained it’s not a reboot. Maybe the publisher is holding off on announcing the branding identity for the relaunch so as to give it something to announce later on, thereby keeping the initiative in the pop-culture news cycle. Still, failing to name this line-wide endeavor seems like a missed opportunity to me and a painfully obvious move that DC shouldn’t have been able to overlook.

Anyhoo, on with the second half of my title-by-title, team-by-team commentary…

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