Daily Archives: June 13, 2011

Getting Even By Getting Mad

It’s been a rather intense week or two when it comes to announcements about super-hero comics, but obviously, DC Comics dominated the discussion with its rollout of details of its September line-wide relaunch. Over the weekend, Marvel Comics entered the fray with one of those announcements that it’ll announce something. It put the word out that it would deliver some big news Monday afternoon. The move seemed pretty clearly sparked by DC’s week-long PR campaign revealing the titles and creative teams that will serve as Marvel’s main competition in the marketplace in the fall. And even if it wasn’t a direct response to DC’s successful and well co-ordinated publicity moves, the perception certainly is that there’s a connection between the two.

When Marvel’s news finally arrived, it was word of a new ongoing Spider-Man title — Avenging Spider-Man — set to begin in November. Written by Zeb Wells and illustrated by Joe Madureira, the series will focus more on the title character’s super-heroic life (especially as a member of the Avengers, duh) rather than his personal life. Furthermore, it will feature repeated team-ups with other heroes.

Now here’s where Marvel went wrong.

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