Daily Archives: July 4, 2011

Goo goo g’joob

Snarked #0
Writer/Artist/Cover artist: Roger Langridge
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg
Editor: Bryce Carlson
Publisher: Boom! Studios/Kaboom! imprint
Price: $1 US

Poor Roger Langridge. He’s been crafting some fantastic comics in recent years featuring mainstream, pop-culture icons. He wrote one of the best super-hero comics Marvel has published in recent years, but alas, Thor the Mighty Avenger was cancelled after less than a year of publication. And before that, he did the impossible, making a TV variety/comedy show come alive in comics with The Muppet Show, published by Boom! Studios. Well, I’m pleased the folks at Boom! have given his new creator-owned project a home with its kids’ comics imprint. Langridge’s cartooning brought the same kind of fun and energy to Snarked that it did to The Muppet Show. It turns out that his characters aren’t entirely unfamiliar either… though I required something of an education as the source material and inspiration that led to the creation of this property. Snarked doesn’t have the same kind of recognizable cachet as those Muppets comics and won’t necessarily resonate as much, but it does demonstrate the irreverence and personality that makes Langridge such an appealing comics creator.

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