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Comic of Former Quality (or Ex-Caliber)

Camelot 3000: The Deluxe Edition hardcover collected edition
Writer: Mike W. Barr
Pencils: Brian Bolland
Inks: Bruce Patterson, Terry Austin & Dick Giordano
Colors: Tatjana Wood
Letters: John Costanza
Cover artist: Brian Bolland
Editors: Len Wein (original series) & Scott Nybakken (collected edition)
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $34.99 US/$39.99 CAN

I picked up a slightly dinged copy of this hardcover book at my local comic shop not too long ago. As someone who was around at the beginning of the direct-market comic shop in the early 1980s (even though I was a kid with no such store in my area), I’ve been aware of Camelot 3000 for ages, as well as the fondness so many who read the 12-part series when it was originally released have for it. The title was a landmark one, as writer Mike W. Barr attests in his introduction in this reprint collection. Predating Watchmen by a few years, it embraced the concept of a finite but longer-term series, later dubbed a “maxi-series” as opposed to a mini-series, and it represented material specifically developed for a more mature audience in the burgeoning direct market. I have no doubt that at the time, it represented an edgy and riveting bit of storytelling, but as someone reading it in the 21st century looking back, it serves more as a historical curiosity about the craft and business of comics, as well as a glimpse at the development of Brian Bolland as an artist. While I’m pleased to add this volume to my personal comics library, I’m also pleased I was able to do so at a significant discount. Those shelling full price for the book might be a bit disappointed.

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