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Quick Critiques – July 27, 2011

Captain America and Bucky #620 (Marvel Worldwide)
by Ed Brubaker, Marc Andreyko & Chris Samnee

I dropped this title a short while back when it was called just Captain America, right after the “Trial of Captain America” storyline. I’d lost interest in the book, because I felt the espionage/intrigue series that Brubaker had been writing for so long had slowly changed into a straightforward super-hero comic. I’ve returned to the series not for the new direction and historical backdrop, but rather because of how it looks. I’m a big fan of Chris Samnee’s artwork and have been since he illustrated the latter part of The Mighty from DC. Samnee doesn’t disappoint here. In fact, he seems to have stepped things up, offering smoother lines and greater detail in his comic art. It’s still quite attractive, and his original style still shines through. I hope he doesn’t abandon the simpler approach in his work completely, as it serves as the foundation of his compelling artwork. Samnee maintains a dark atmosphere throughout this issue, which works with the focus of the story, which is the pain that Bucky tries to hide and heal with violence. I’m a bit puzzled as to why Ed Guinness provides the artwork for the regular-edition cover, as his bombastic, cartoony style runs contrary to the tone of the contents.

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