Daily Archives: August 6, 2011

I Think the DeLorean’s on the Fritz

A word to the wise: in the eventuality that you invent a time machine, you ought to really make sure it’s a functioning time machine and not just a way for your friends to pull a fast one on you. Should you ever be lucky enough to travel back in time, keep a sharp eye out for details that might seem out of place in the chosen period. If need be, make a game out of it, like how people take a drink every time when watching an old, cheesy gladiator movie and they spot someone wearing high tops or a Timex. If you happen to spy such an anomaly, rest assured you haven’t actually pierced the space-time continuum. You probably just passed out on the couch and your friends dropped you in the middle of a Renaissance fair or a Civil War re-enactment weekend.

Case in point: DC’s line of Retroactive one-shots in August. And more specifically, DC Retroactive: JLA – The 70s #1.

When DC announced these one-shots a few months ago, I figured we’d see stories written and rendered in styles reflecting the title properties as they were in the periods in question, but as I read the new story in this issue — “Enter Justice League Prime” — writer Cary Bates quickly established that the story itself is set in the 1970s, doing so with what’s probably the most referred to and overused pop-culture reference of the decade…

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