Daily Archives: August 22, 2011

Burn Notice

Spontaneous #s 1 & 2
Writer: Joe Harris
Artist/Cover artist: Brett Weldele
Letters: Douglas E. Sherwood
Editor: Jill Beaton
Publisher: Oni Press
Price: $3.99 US each

Joe Harris was once one of Marvel’s go-to guys for various projects, and in addition to a lot of work on various X-titles, he might be best known (in comics, anyway) as the writer for Spidey spin-off Slingers. But sometime in the 1990s, his name disappeared from the credits of Marvel titles. His name popped up elsewhere, in DC, Image and Dark Horse titles, but more recently, he’s kind of reinvented himself as a suspense writer with small, indy-flavored publisher Oni Press. Ghost Projekt was well-received last year, and I expect this new title will capture readers’ interest as well. Spontaneous is a bit of an odd mix. There’s a pervading, unsettling feeling throughout the storytelling, as we learn of a horrific doom that awaits certain victims while we also get to know the damaged protagonist, but there are also sillier moments. It’s like The X-Files with a dash of The Goonies thrown in for good measure. The thing about this book really interests me but also frustrates me a bit is the supporting player, the intrepid would-be journalist that’s entertaining but not necessarily believable.

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