Daily Archives: September 6, 2011

So What Do DC Creators Think of All the New 52 Hubbub?

I’ve written a number of times about DC’s New 52 initiative, sometimes praising its boldness, the PR moves it’s made, even some storytelling choices. I’ve also criticized some of its decisions and missteps. But what I’ve written has been nothing as compared to what other comics readers and commentators have posted all over the corners of the Internet dedicated to comic books. Some have sworn off DC’s super-hero titles altogether, for example, and others dismissing the New 52 as a stunt that will fail from the start (though that argument seems to have been proven wrong already, at least from a short-term perspective).

DC officials have touted, defended and explained the New 52 and associated decisions, always trying to keep a sunny disposition as they do so. Creators involved with the 52 new titles have done so as well, both online and at various convention appearances this summer.

But what do they really think about the chorus of negativity that’s inevitably to be found online. The following panel from the upcoming Justice League International (written by Dan Jurgens and illustrated by Aaron Lopresti) might offer some insight…

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