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Quick Critiques – Oct. 14, 2011

Action Comics v.2 #2 (DC Comics)
by Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Brent E. Anderson & Rick Bryant

Grant Morrison’s vision of Superman as a Rebel Without a Costume continues to impress. The writer focuses this second episode on Superman’s limits and Lex Luthor’s stubborn personality. It’s a great read in which Superman’s physicality is pitted against Luthor’s intellect. Morrison offers a not-so-subtle commentary on the U.S. military’s recent use of interrogation methods many consider to be torture, but more importantly, the pain to which the Man of Steel is subjected makes him seem much more like a man than steel. I was surprised at how similar Morrison’s new origin for John (Metallo) Corben mirrors the one Geoff Johns crafted in Superman: Secret Origin, but in both cases, giving Corben a more intimate and personal connection to Superman’s extended circle of friends and enemies makes a lot of sense. While the greatest source of entertainment remains Superman’s wilfull opposition to authority, the most novel new spin on the Superman mythos is the notion his discovery of his origins arise not as the result of his adoptive parents’ resourcefulness but from a more malevolent source.

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