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War Is Ellis

SA #17 variantSA #17Secret Avengers #s 17 & 18
“Beast Box” & “No Zone”
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artists: Kev Walker (#17)/David Aja & Raul Allen (#18)
Colors: Frank Martin (#17)
Letters: Dave Lanphear
Cover artist: John Cassaday
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
Price: $3.99 US each

I stopped reading this series a few months ago. Despite my appreciation for previous writer Ed Brubaker’s work, I lost interest in the characters. But more importantly, I’ve lost interest generally in regular-sized comics priced at $3.99. I was lured back, though, and the reason can be summed up with two words: Warren Ellis. Every now and then, he revisits the super-hero genre that helped to establish him as one of the industry’s strongest writers (and beyond), and he almost always does something novel with the concepts. His recent brief stint on Secret Avengers hasn’t been an exception. The appeal here isn’t to sample Ellis’ take on Marvel’s various super-heroes. No, instead, they’re tools that allow him to explore science-fiction concepts that challenge the intellect and even send a couple of shivers up the reader’s spine. Adding to the experience is how Ellis has been teamed with some top artistic talent that are well matched to the subject matter of each individual story.

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