Daily Archives: November 28, 2011

Near-Death Note

The Next Day original graphic novella
Writers: Paul Peterson & Jason Gilmore
Artist: John Porcellino
Editors: Richard Poplak & Alex Jansen
Publisher: Pop Sandbox
Price: $16.95 US/CAN

The title is a little misleading, as the bulk of this book is about the days and years leading up to the decision — be it spontaneous or considered at length — to take one’s own life, but it does fulfill the promise of the title as well. I hadn’t heard of this project before a review copy of the graphic novella made its way to my desktop, but I’m incredibly pleased at having the opportunity to discover this poignant and powerful examination of the human psyche. And while the book explores the histories and thoughts of four real people who attempted suicide, my use of the singular form of “psyche” is apt, as the writers and the subjects expose just how many common experiences lead people down a dark path to the wrong but seemingly logical choice. In contrast to the honest and gut-wrenching script, the artwork is surprisingly simple in tone. One way to view the artwork would be as amateurish, but another is to note the basic, minimalist approach reinforces the notion that any of these four people could be someone the reader knows, someone the reader loves or even someone the reader sees in the mirror every day.

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