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Game Over

New Teen Titans: Games original hardcover graphic novel
Writers: Marv Wolfman & George Perez
Pencils/Cover artist: George Perez
Inks: Mike Perkins, Al Vey & Perez
Colors: Hi-Fi
Letters: Travis Lanham
Editor: Brian Cunningham
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $24.99 US/$27.99 CAN

Despite being more than 20 years in the making, New Teen Titans: Games was pretty much overlooked when it was released in September. In just about any other given month before that moment in comics publishing, I think, a fair bit of hullabaloo and commentary would have followed its publication, given it reunited a classic creative team to craft a story a long time in the making featuring characters they co-created and/or popularized. But in September, DC also launched its New 52 line of titles, revamping and revitalizing its monthly periodical output. But Games should have merited some attention as well, as the resonance of Wolfman and Perez’s work with the Teen Titans goes far beyond the comics industry; interpretations of their work penetrated the mass pop-culture psyche with the anime-style Teen Titans cartoon from a few years back. And today, Cyborg has graduated from the ranks of teen heroes to a full-fledged Justice Leaguer, and “Nightwing” is a name with which a couple of generations of comics readers (and cartoon watchers) have grown up. Given that legacy, it’s all the more disappointing to discover not only a generic super-hero yarn that fails to capture the original strengths of the work upon which it was founded, but a poorly executed one.

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