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2011 Glass Eye Awards – Comics

We’re halfway through January already, so Eye on Comics is long overdue in presenting its picks for the best comics of 2011 and the creators who had the best year last year. Regular readers might note it’s been some time since the Glass Eye Awards were presented; there was no such feature on the site for 2010 comics and creators — just didn’t get around to it. But the Glass Eye Awards are back, starting here with the best comics of the year.

Now readers ought to bear in mind I’m a busy, busy man, and there’s no way for me to read all of the comics and graphic novels released over the course of a year. I haven’t even had a chance to read all of the comics and graphic novels I actually purchased. Furthermore, the “nominees” and “winners” as presented here are based on my best recollections, and my memory ain’t perfect. Now, with no further ado, the envelopes, please…

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Quick Critiques – Jan. 15, 2012

Captain America and Bucky #625 (Marvel Entertainment)
by James Asmus, Ed Brubaker & Francesco Francavilla

I was all set to leave this title behind when artist Chris Samnee left the series. His work was its greatest strength, but then I heard his replacement was to be Francesco Francavilla. I’ve enjoyed his recent work, and have been particularly impressed with his cover art on recent Hellboy comics and the classic-movie-poster-style pinups he’s done on Comic Twart. With that in mind, I was quite surprised at how his art on Cap and Bucky didn’t hook me. It looks rough, and the figures don’t seem as dynamic as what I expected based on his past efforts. The color scheme is off too; I don’t like the reds. And I wish Francavilla had included a better glimpse of the second Captain America’s previous identity, the Spirit of ’76.

I enjoyed the done-in-one stories that preceded this issue, but they were, for the most part, predictable. Unfortunately, the multi-issue arc getting underway here seems pretty transparent as well. The second Cap’s grandson’s appearance is all too convenient, and Asmus’ script all but tells us his true nature. The notion the title hero or the elderly former Bucky’s narration make no mention of suspicions seems pretty ridiculous. Still, I’m always interested when writers explore relatively obscure characters from decades past, and the narrator’s voice throughout the issue rings true. 5/10

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