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Quick Critiques – March 3, 2012

Glory #23 (Image Comics)
by Joe Keatinge & Ross Campbell

“Everything is different now.” I’ll say. I’ve developed a newfound respect for Rob Liefeld for his decisions to place his genre comic properties in the hands of indie/alt-comics talent. I snapped up the resurrected Prophet series thanks to the involvement of Brandon (King City) Graham and Simon (Jan’s Atomic Heart) Roy, and I couldn’t resist the Ross (Wet Moon) Campbell in Glory. Joe Keatinge’s a well-known and respected figure in comics but is best known for his work as an editor on the lauded Popgun books. I was pleased to find he delivers a strong script for this (essentially) first issue that achieves a nice balance between the extreme fantasy of super-hero comics and more relatable, character-driven elements. Keatinge brings the title character down to earth by frequently focusing on her through the eyes of a journalism student who feels drive to seek out the missing heroine. Furthermore, the script builds up Glory as mythic and unstoppable throughout the issue, which makes the impact of the revelation at the end of the issue all the more potent.

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