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Change of Clowes

Wilson original hardcover graphic novel
Writer/Artist/Cover artist: Daniel Clowes
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly
Price: $21.95 US/ $23.95 CAN

Wilson does a lot of things well, not the least of which is showcasing cartoonist Daniel Clowes’s versatility as an artist. Not only does he offer multiple styles over the course of the book, but he also effectively combines short-form strip comics with a long form story. The book is also replete with social commentary and criticism, much of which hits the mark quite effectively. Taking centre stage throughout the book, though, is the title character’s negative personality. It’s clear the cantankerous central figure is meant as a stand-in for all of us; his hypocrisy and laziness, his apathy and outrage — it’s meant to be our own. Wilson is an engaging read — I couldn’t stop turning the pages as I began reading — but the effectiveness of the characterization also serves as something of a detriment. Wilson is such a loathsome figure, I almost didn’t want to read about him. But only almost.

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