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The Con of the Art

Super-hero comics artist Aaron Lopresti made an interesting and disconcerting discovery late last month when browsing through listings on eBay. He happened upon an online auction for a piece of original comic art he’d crafted — the cover for New X-Men #19 (2005), featuring the characters Magik and Hellion. The seller described the piece as being pencilled and inked by Lopresti and as being “published original art on 11×17 comic art board.”

There was just one problem. Lopresti knew the seller didn’t have the piece in question because he still had it.

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Quick Critiques – Sept. 3, 2012

Green Lantern Annual #1 (DC Comics)
by Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver, Pete Woods & Cam Smith

This annual certainly feels as though it merits the label. It feels like an important moment in the series, offering not only an end to the previous storyline — the Sinestro/Hal team — but also a launching point for the larger “Rise of the Third Army” crossover story about to run through all four of DC’s Green Lantern-related titles. Unfortunately, the Sinestro/Hal plot isn’t allowed to resolve on its own, and in order to follow this comic book, one is really required to be well versed in the past few years of GL continuity (notably, Blackest Night and the ethical deterioration of the Guardian of the Universe in its wake). There’s something surprisingly satisfying about seeing the Guardians become the villains of the story rather than simply an authoritarian obstacle for the title character to overcome. There’s something downright anti-Republican about their mission to make everyone in the universe to be and think just like them that somehow allowed this space-opera/fantasy story to resonate a little more with me, especially given current events in the United States. I continue to enjoy and appreciate Black Hand as a villain, which 20-30 years ago, when I first encountered the character, I would’ve thought to be impossible. Nevertheless, I can’t shake the feeling the reader has to be a devotee to Johns’s GL comics over the past few years to really get the most out of this story (and so many others before it).

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