Daily Archives: October 4, 2012

Under the Hood

VariantVariantGrimm Fairy Tales Presents Robyn Hood #1
Writers: Joe Brusha, Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco & Pat Shand
Pencils: Dan Glasl
Colors: Tom Mullin & Jason Embury
Letters: Jim Campbell
Cover artists: Eric Basaldua/Greg Horn/Stjepan Sejic
Editor: Hannah Gorfinkel
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Price: $2.99 US

Though I can’t think of a specific example, I doubt this is the first time we’ve seen the Robin Hood legend go through a gender bender, but there’s no denying it plays right into Zenescope’s wheelhouse. I’ve never been interested in the bad-girl riff that’s the publisher’s bread and butter, but fortunately, this origin story doesn’t incorporate much of that motif (though it’s coming, I’m sure). Zenescope’s spin on the legendary archer hero is well timed, given how archery has resonated strongly in pop culture as of late thanks to Marvel’s The Avengers and The Hunger Games, and curiosity about how the adventure classic has been tweaked here might allow Zenescope to attract some new readers. Robyn Hood doesn’t represent great comics storytelling, but it’s capable and accessible.

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