Daily Archives: October 21, 2012

Leave the Money on the Table (Not at the Store)

Whore original graphic novel
Writer: Jeffrey Kaufman
Artist: Marco Turini
Colors: James Brown
Letters: John Hunt
Cover artists: Felix Serrano & Jeffrey Kaufman (regular)/Michael Golden & Serrano and Alex Saviuk (variants)
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment/Big City Comics Studio
Price: $9.99 US

I’ll give the people at Zenescope and Big City Comics Studio credit for this: they put forth a hell of a promotional effort for this project. For a couple of months, I couldn’t avoid mentions of this project online, notably on my Facebook feed. However, the title of the book and the accompanying image of a guy surrounded by supermodel-type figures didn’t appeal to me, so I didn’t absorb any further information about it. Then a review copy of the graphic novel landed in front of me, and looking for something outside of the comics mainstream super-hero genre to review, I decided to peruse its pages. It turns out the story isn’t about prostitution literally (which I had assumed it was), but rather about a government hitman/cleaner who finds himself forced to freelance in the private sector. I was surprised at the convincing tone of his military-quality skills and his ability to read and manipulate others. But overall, the stiff nature of the artwork and the over-the-top male fantasies passed off as the protagonist’s missions elicited more in the way of eye rolling than a sense of entertainment.

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