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Ascended from Nobility

Noble Volume 1 trade paperback
“God Shots”
Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artists: Roger Robinson, Jamal Igle & Robin Riggs
Colors: Juan Fernandez & Sotocolor
Letters: Saida Temoforte
“The Event”
Writers: Priest & Joseph Illidge
Artists: Marco Turini & Will Rosado
Colors: Jessica Kholinne
Letters: Andworld Design
Cover artist: Roger Robinson
Editor: Joseph Illidge
Publisher: Lion Forge
Price: $14.99 US

I’ve been meaning to delve into Lion Forge’s line of super-hero comics, designed in part to offer a stronger array of black characters to a market that’s clearly hungry for diversity in its escapism pop-culture (contrary to what a vocal minority might argue). To be honest, though, I haven’t been following comics news and release dates of emerging publishers and creators nearly as much as I used to, and some of the initial releases escaped my attention when they first hit the stands. So I was thrilled when I had the chance to read this first collected edition of the initial issues of Noble. There’s certainly an ambitious tone set here; like other super-hero startup lines, Lion Forge and editor Joseph Illidge have set out to building a larger, connected continuity, and based on the main story and the backup, titled “The Event,” they’ve done so in a meticulous manner. Part of me thinks such interconnections need to happen gradually, but that’s likely not feasible in modern comics publishing. Super-hero audiences crave and expect those links, and the mysterious framework set out here certainly seems to indicate Lion Forge is off to a strong start in terms of that creative endeavor.

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