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Road Runner

The Wilds #1
Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: Emily Pearson
Colors: Marissa Louise
Letters: Jim Campbell
Cover artists: Pearson (Cover A)/Natasha Alterici (Cover B)
Editor: Danny Lore
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Price: $3.99 US

At first glance, The Wilds might seem just like you have another post-apocalyptic/zombie-drama comic, in which it’s firmly entrenched. However, this comic book is crafted by women; the writer, artist and colorist are all women, and that helps to set this title apart from others like it. The focus is squarely on the female characters, even though they’re not necessarily in charge. They do stand out as the strongest players in this drama, though. The central conflict here is about responsibility to one’s community versus responsibility to oneself and one’s family. That character-driven aspect of the book is surprisingly relatable, even for those of us who haven’t had to live or survive in a zombie apocalypse.

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