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Flea-Market Finds: The Rann / Thanagar War

The Rann/Thanagar War #s 1-6
Writer: Dave Gibbons
Pencils: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado & Joe Bennett
Inks: Marc Campos, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert & Jack Jadson
Colors: John Kalisz, Richard Horie & Tanya Horie
Letters: Nick J. Napolitano
Cover artists: Reis & Campos
Editors: Peter Tomasi & Stephen Wacker
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.50 US/$3.50 CAN per issue

One of my favorite comics titles ever is Crisis on Infinite Earths, so when DC announced a sequel — Infinite Crisis — I was understandably interested. In the buildup to that event book, the published released several limited series in 2005 purporting to lead into it, and I read most of them, including Villains United, Day of Vengeance and The OMAC Project. However, for some reason, I didn’t delve into The Rann/Thanagar War, despite it being written by the highly respected Dave Gibbons. Well, my local comics retailer had a blowout sale of its comic bundles not too long ago, and I scooped up armfuls of discount comics. Among them was a complete of this limited series at a ridiculously low price. As such, I certainly can’t say I wasted my money on this series, but reading it was a waste of time. If the the overly verbose script and annoyingly complex plot weren’t frustrating enough, the complete lack of any real resolution to the plot after six issues is enough to leave the reader wondering what the point of the book was in the first place (other than a means to pluck a few extra bucks from the pockets of DC’s fanbase).

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That’s Some Damn Fine Parenting

My seven-year-old son was home sick from school the other day with a sore throat and after a cough-filled and sleep-deprived night. Since I was home anyway convalescing from my recent shoulder-replacement surgery, I found myself oxymoronically in the roles of patient and caregiver.

The boy was enjoying some of his screen time during the day, so I decided I deserved some as well. I’ve been picking away at Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix lately, so I decided to delve into another episode on my computer (with my headphones on so my son wasn’t hearing the cursing and violence, since we were in the same room).

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