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The Hills Have Knives

Peek-a-Boo #1
Writers: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco & Victoria Rau
Artist/Colors: Marcelo Basile
Letters: Charles Pritchett
Cover artists: Riverio; Eric J; and Derlis Santacruz
Editor: Jessica Rossana
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Price: $3.99 US

An advanced review copy of this comic book caught my eye because it was a Zenescope release that didn’t feature buxom, scantily clad woman on the cover (of course, I later discovered that one of the variant covers did fall into that trap). A horror story struck me as a nice change of pace as well, so I delved into the book. Fans of slasher flicks will find some material here that should appeal to them. The writers have touched upon the number of the conventions of the genre. I didn’t care for the gore, but your mileage will vary. The real problem here is a lack of clarity in both the script in the yard. There’s a fairly large cast of characters serving as potential victims for the monster men that serve as the antagonists, and it’s difficult to discern who everyone is. The characters aren’t differentiated enough from one another visually, and the script doesn’t give us much background on the mournful family at the center of the plot.

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We Walk With Keys of Gold

The Sovereigns, Volume 1: End of the Golden Age trade paperback
Writer: Ray Fawkes
Artist: Johnny Desjardins
Colors: Mohan

Magnus: Kyle Higgins, Jorge Fornes & Chris O’Halloran
Turok: Chuck Wendig, Alvaro Sarraseca & Triona Farrell
Doc Spektor: Aubrey Sitterson, Dylan Burnett & Triona Farrell

Letters: Taylor Esposito
Cover artist: Stephen Segovia
Editors: Matt Idelson & Kevin Ketner

It was only when I started reading this collected edition that I completely clued into the fact that the classic Gold Key heroes had been pulled out of the Valiant stable and launched anew in a separate continuity by Dynamite Entertainment. The publisher appears to be trying to reimagine these recognizable figures into new properties so as to attract new readers. It’s probably a wise strategy, as Dynamite would essentially erase the Valiant association and accompanying expectations. The Sovereigns appears to be Dynamite’s attempt to give the previous incarnations of these characters a final sendoff. Again, not a bad idea, but the script is lacking — notably when it comes to characterization.

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