Daily Archives: March 6, 2018

Whiz Kid

The True Death of Billy the Kid original hardcover graphic novel
Writer/Artist/Letters/Cover artist: Rick Geary
Publisher: NBM Publishing
Price: $15.99 US

Cartoonist Rick Geary has a strong reputation for his focus on historical subject matter. After reading this graphic novel, I can see it’s a well-earned reputation. Geary approaches the subject matter dispassionately, offering the facts and various theories about a story that’s rooted both in history and in legend. Despite the matter-of-fact, impartial presentation here, Geary nevertheless conveys the incredible drama, personality and action that have made William H. Bonney one of the most fascinating and noted figures in the history of the American West. My past exposures to Billy the Kid have been mainly through fiction, and I’m surprised to see how many elements from history made it into those aspects of pop culture.

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